Hotel New Omi is a cut above the rest in Omihachiman and Shiga Prefecture.
Its location near a train station enables smooth access to popular tourist attractions
in Omihachiman and Shiga Prefecture as well as to Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.
We provide comfortable guest rooms, genuine cuisine only a hotel can offer,
and polite and detail-oriented service to create a special experience for you.
Hotel New Omi is a great choice for both business and pleasure.

Guest rooms

Feel Pampered in Luxurious Spaces

Find deep tranquility in our guest rooms, with interior themes featuring calm tones and the spirit of
Japanese hospitality filling every nook and cranny of the comfortable spaces.
Spacious beds and bathrooms create an air of luxurious relaxation.

◆Check-in: 14:00 ◆Checkout: 11:00
*We are open to agreements with corporate guests. Please contact us for details.

  • Single room

  • Double room

  • Twin room

  • Family room

  • Japanese-style room

  • Suite

Charge per room

room type One guest Two guests Three guests Four guests Area(㎡) Bed size
Standard single ¥8,000
- - 16 W140 L203
Deluxe single ¥9,000
- - 16 W140 L203
Standard double ¥12,000
- - 24 W160 L203
Standard twin ¥12,000
- 24 W110 L203
Deluxe twin ¥13,000
- - 24 W110 L203
Standard corner twin ¥13,000
- 31 W110 L203
Deluxe corner twin ¥14,000
- 31 W110 L203
Family twin ¥15,000
50 W110 L203
Japanese-style room ¥16,000
8 + 4 tatami
Urban suite ¥20,000
- - 32 W122 L203
Governor’s suite - ¥70,000
- - 72 W122 L203
  • *Prices as shown do not include taxes. The prices in parentheses include service fees (10%) and consumption taxes (8%).
  • *Prices as shown are per room. Dinner and breakfast are not included.
  • *When three guests stay in a twin room, one extra bed (100 cm x 200 cm) is added.
  • *Baby beds are available for an additional charge of ¥1,010 (¥1,200). Please reserve in advance, as we have a limited number.
  • *Please reserve rental items in advance, as we have a limited number.
  • *These prices include service fees of (10%) and consumption taxes.
  • *Prices may differ during specific periods set by the hotel.
  • *Please be aware that prices are subject to change without notice.
  • *In addition to the regular pillows in each room, we provide sobakawa (buckwheat hull) pillows, memory foam pillows and aquabead pillows. Please inquire at the front desk for one of these pillows.


Thrilling, Refined Tastes

Fine cuisine is one of the true pleasures of travel.
Hotel New Omi offers five restaurants and lounges presented by chefs with polished skills and sensibility.
Each restaurant features a menu that matches the season and atmosphere.
We invite you to enjoy sensational cuisine made from a thoughtful selection of local Omi ingredients and other fine foods.

    Keirin (Chinese restaurant, B1F)

    Keirin proudly focuses on natural foods.

    An ancient Chinese phrase with the characters for wind, flower, snow and moon combine to mean “the beautiful scenery of nature,” much like the Japanese phrase with the characters for flower, bird, wind and moon. Just as buds turn to vividly colored flowers in nature as the seasons change, ingredients add taste to each season. Examples include the richly scented wild plants of spring, vividly colored summer vegetables, fruits paired with natural mushrooms in the autumn, and the plain beauty of vegetables in winter, not to mention fish, meats and other foods. We lovingly prepare these delicacies of the mountains and the sea with a wish for the perpetual longevity of our guests.


    Hachimanbori (Japanese restaurant, 1F)

    A relaxing experience with the true joy of carefully selected ingredients and pure Japanese hospitality

    Each dish is painstakingly prepared with a refined effort to bring out the taste. Hachimanbori is a place to fully and freely enjoy heartfelt hospitality and the wholesomeness of Japanese seasonal ingredients served with intricate skill. The restaurant features seats with views of a Japanese garden as well as Japanese rooms and a tea house with calming Japanese appointments.


    Ibuki (Omi teppan-yaki restaurant, 9F)

    Dine with a View from the Top
    The Luxurious Experience of Enjoying Omi Beef Cooked Before Your Eyes

    We invite you to enjoy the rich tastes of seasonal ingredients and genuine Omi beef with a top-floor view of the Omihachiman cityscape in the background. Enjoy conversation with the chef who skillfully cooks beef right in front of you - it’s a feast for your eyes and your mouth! The special Orion room is set aside for business meetings over lunch or dinner.


    Satsuki (Dining Bar, 9F)

    Picturesque Panorama
    A Novel Restaurant and Bar Serving Only the Best Local Food and Beverages

    Satsuki believes diners should bask in delicious tastes, and prepares dishes that exhibit the true tastes of their ingredients in addition to a wide variety of drinks. Take in the stunning views of Hachiman-yama Mountain and the Omihachiman cityscape from the ninth-floor windows. Enjoy the casual atmosphere and European-style cuisine made of the only the finest, local Shiga ingredients selected personally by the chef.

    Sunday-Thursday 9:300P.M.~11:000P.M.
    Friday, Saturday and days before holidays 9:300P.M.~0:00Mid night


Convenient Location for Business and Pleasure

Hotel New Otani is comfortably and conveniently located a one-minute walk from JR Omi-Hachiman Station, with smooth access to beautiful waterfront scenes, vibrant townscapes and other popular tourist attractions in Omi-Hachiman and Shiga Prefecture as well as Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.
Hotel New Otani is the perfect starting point for business or pleasure.

  • Arriving by train

    From Kyoto and Osaka
    "From JR Kyoto Station (Tokaido Shinkansen or local)
    JR Biwako Line Special Rapid Service to JR Omi-Hachiman Station (31 minutes), one-minute walk"

    Route from Kyoto Station

    Route from Osaka Station

    From Tokyo and Nagoya
    From Maibara Station (Tokaido Shinkansen)
    JR Biwako Line Special Rapid Service to JR Omi-Hachiman Station (18 minutes), one-minute walk

    Route from Nagoya Station

    Route from Tokyo Station

    *Times are approximate.

  • Arriving by car

    From Ryuo on the Meishin Expressway
    Exit Ryuo I.C., turn right → Turn right at Nishiyokozeki intersection → National Route 8
    → Turn left at Higashikawa intersection → Turn right at Nakakomori intersection → Roughly 1 km
    → Hotel New Omi is on the right

    20-minute drive from Yokaichi I.C.

    15-minute drive from Kamo Smart I.C.

    Parking is free for hotel guests.


Reservations and Inquiries